Jupiter H2O+
Jupiter H2O+
Jupiter H2O+
Jupiter H2O+
Jupiter H2O+
Jupiter H2O+

Jupiter H2O+

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Frame Color/Lens Color

Jupiter, the Roman mythology counterpart to Greek's Zeus, shares his 'spark,' but has several other characteristics of note including the giver of light, protection, and victory.   

The Jupiter H20+ sunglasses harness those characteristics too.

Let's start with light.  These shades diffuse light and offer the highest grade of clarity and contrast with our HDXR lens technology, making whatever you see the most stunning it can be.  Our polarized, UV400 lenes also protect you against the harshest rays the giant ball of fire in the sky can deliver.  

Lastly, our Jupiter H20+ sunglasses will imbue you with the ultimate victory over your watery conquests for the day: victory over the potential loss of your soon-to-be favorite shades.   With our AquaFloat technology, the Jupiter H20+ will float in the water allowing you to you find them if they somehow happen to fall off your head. 


Jupiter H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Frame Features:
+ H20+ Floating Frame
+ H20+ Temple
+ Integrated Hinge

Jupiter H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Lens:

+ HDXR Lens
+ Polarized Lens
+ UV400 Lens
+ Impact Resistant
+ Saltwater Resistant
+ Shatter Resistant

Jupiter H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Fit:
+ Frame (Medium/Large)
+ Bridge (Medium)

Jupiter H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Specs:
+ Fit 131.0mm
+ Lens 54.2mm
+ Bridge 16.7mm
+ Temple 110.0mm
+ Weight 26.0g