Octane H2O+
Octane H2O+
Octane H2O+
Octane H2O+
Octane H2O+
Octane H2O+

Octane H2O+

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The Octane H2O+ sunglasses include all the style and function of the original Octane with one extra spec water enthusiasts are going to love: the ability to keep your shades above the water. 

Without the assistance of bulky add-ons or style killers, the Octane H20+ sunglasses are anything but stock.  Fine-tuned and engineered with extreme water sports in mind, rest easy these sunglasses will get you off the line without any worry of not taking your day to the finish in style, comfort and durability.  


Octane H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Frame Features:
+ H20+ Floating Frame
+ H20+ / Double Injected Temple
+ Integrated Hinge

Octane H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Lens:

+ HDXR Lens
+ Polarized Lens
+ UV400 Lens
+ Impact Resistant
+ Saltwater Resistant
+ Shatter Resistant

Octane H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Fit:
+ Frame (Medium)
+ Bridge (Medium)

Octane H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Specs:
+ Fit 132.2mm
+ Lens 61.8mm
+ Bridge 13.2mm
+ Temple 125.0mm
+ Weight 28.4g