Radman H2O+
Radman H2O+
Radman H2O+
Radman H2O+

Radman H2O+

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How do you make the best pair of superiorly designed, specifically engineered, professionally tested Abaco sunglasses even better?  You make them harder to lose! 
The Radman H20+ sunglasses feature an expertly crafted frame technology that makes them less dense than water which allows them to float in the water.  This way you can circle back, scoop your shades up with one hand and ride into the sunset instead of crying your way home, squinting
You’re welcome. 


Radman H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Frame Features:
+ H20+ Floating Frame
+ H20+ / Double Injected Temple
+ Integrated Hinge

Radman H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Lens:

+ HDXR Lens
+ Polarized Lens
+ UV400 Lens
+ Impact Resistant
+ Saltwater Resistant
+ Shatter Resistant

Radman H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Fit:
+ Frame (Medium)
+ Bridge (Medium)

Radman H2O+ AquaFloat Sunglass Specs:
+ Fit 134.6mm
+ Lens 61.2mm
+ Bridge 17.3mm
+ Temple 128.0mm
+ Weight 28.4g